Virtuemart 2.0 per joomla 1.7 e joomla 1.5

Martedì 20 Dicembre 2011 14:46

Finalmente è arrivata la notizia che da tanto tempo stavamo aspettando.

Virtuemart, il componente di ecommerce per Joomla!, è stato finalmente rilasciato per la versione 1.7.

Da quello che si capisce, sembra essere molto più orientato al posizionamento nei motori di ricerca e arricchito di nuove funzionalità interessanti.


Non appena avremo modo di testarlo, pubblicherò un articolo. Nel frattempo vi consiglio di seguirci sui social network o tramite la nostra newsletter.


Vi faccio un elenco delle funzionalità (non ho avuto tempo di tradurle...):

Integrated in joomla 1.5 and joomla 1.7 with its advantages (articles, blog, forum, ...)

  • Uses joomla extensions
  • User based shopsystem
  • Template overrides (layouts, mails)

nested categories

  • with meta tags for seo
  • with description and media


  • pricing depending by shoppergroups
  • price display depending by shoppergroups
  • payment/shipment depending by shoppergroups


  • customizable shopper input form
  • input form depended on registration, checkout or shipment
  • completly anonymous checkout
  • Adressbook
  • default Bill-to and Ship-to address
  • default payment and shipment method
  • check of eu vat id (not working yet)


  • with meta tags for seo
  • short and long description
  • dimensions (weight, size)
  • multiple media
  • variants, attributes
  • stockable variants
  • unlimited child products and derivated levels
  • product pattern (Parent product used as pattern for child products)
  • related products


  • stocking/inventory
  • stock warning
  • virtual stock (ordered but not finally bought)


  • various type of prices to display depended by shoppergroup
  • prices adjusted by shopper choosen currency
  • different currency format per currency

real multi currency

  • auto updating rates
  • add your own currencies for fixed currency rates

manufacturer media handler

  • atm finished for images, will be used for downloadables, videos, pdf, programs, ...

default SEF/SEO integrated Product reviews and ratings dynamical calculator

  • discounts based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
  • tax based on time, category, shoppergroup, country, and state
  • discounts, tax per product and/or order
  • discounts, tax have their own currencies (for duties)

multiple payment and shippings options

  • shipment payment methods are defined per vendor


  • guest checkout; completly anonymous checkout
  • option to register at begin of checkout
  • cart is an object, competly overridable by template
  • cart is stored in the session
  • 1 click checkout
  • multipage checkout
  • one page checkout (not by default)
  • SSL

order handling backend

  • Payment/shipment workflow
  • history
  • modifiable

order handling frontend

  • order tracking for anonymous users


  • sortable

template handling

  • different joomla templates by category
  • different category browse pages per category
  • different product display pages per category/product

product display configurable by

  • latest
  • topten (most sold)
  • newest
  • featured
  • sortable
  • searchable

multilanguage native with joomla 1.7 and with extra joomla components (joomfish) for joomla 1.5

marketing promotions and tools

  • coupon handling
  • recommend a product to friend link


  • hidden debugging tool